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Wall Hanging
Oil and Encaustic on Canvas
16in x 20in
Prices Include Shipping
Price: 1000.
Size: 16x20
Mixed-media Oil and Encaustic on Canvas
By: Tonya Engel
My original art work is mixed media on Canvas.

My giclee canvas prints are reproductions that are done
on canvas & are the most accurate art reproductions in
the world, and can also be archived well (they last a
long time without color variation). Research has shown
that any Giclee prints can last as long as 200 years.
This makes the giclee print a museum quality reproduction.

Even when you use a magnifying glass you can’t see the
dot patter of a giclee print. The image has a continuous
tone to it, and looks just like the original art work.
This means it is a great way to make limited
reproductions for artists, and makes a less expensive art
piece for collectors.